[Newsletter 21.03.2012] current status, reporting script, gr

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[Newsletter 21.03.2012] current status, reporting script, gr

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21.03.2012 -> [Newsletter blocklist.de] current status, reporting script, graph-stats

Hello User,

we have rebuild the Reporting-Software in the last weeks. So the new Software is now in OOP and better.
But the Software is not complete yet and we continue work on it.
New Classes and Modules are included in the old Software and works fine.

On the All-User and All-Server-Graph (bar chart) we have set a max point to 500, to see the each Server/User and there Points better.
We try to make the graph zoomable.

Otherweise there are no more news on blocklist except the RegBot and BadBot (Spam-Comments/Register) in our Honeypots drastic increased.

For further questions, wishes or suggestions, please reply or post at the forum under:

Your account, and all registered data (server, links, etc.) you can at any time delete your profile on remove and drain.

The registration of data was on 00.00.000 00:00:00.
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Mfg Martin
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