[Newsletter 17.10.2011] current status, load reduced, sma

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[Newsletter 17.10.2011] current status, load reduced, sma

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[Newsletter, blocklist.de] current status, load reduced, small bugfixes

Hello (USER),

last weekend we have finally changed the most queries to the new structure. This way the scripts never need to load the intensive queries with COUNT(), instead they can identify the number of attacks/reports per day for each server/user, with a simple SELECT.
The load of the MySQL server has already decreased significantly.

The next problem is now the main mailserver in the morning, during the backup.
The mailserver receives an average of 130,000 messages a day. Most of the mails are fail2ban-messages, but many are also (automatic) responses of the reports.

We have built a load queue checker, which checks how high the load and the number of messages in the queue is and then the mailserver stops or blocks new mails by blocking port 25. This way new mails are temporarly moved to mailserver2.

Currently we are still working on some some small changes and faster display using the graphs. Because some users are having problems with the graphs of Munin (incorrect or not created at all).
Soon this will make the auto login possible, which makes it possible to not enter login data for 2 months for example.

In addition, a small bug in the API was been fixed, which involved the display/output of the number of reports.

Now we have more serverperformance and enough room for the next 50,000 attacks a day :-)

For further questions, wishes or suggestions, please reply or post at the forum.

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