[Newsletter 30.05.2012] A small update, no major news

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[Newsletter 30.05.2012] A small update, no major news

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[Newletter blocklist.de] A small update, no major news

Hello USER,

on the website or the functions of blocklist.de has changed since the last newsletter, not much.
There were a few small improvements, and new indexes on the MySQL tables, so that the MySQL server has reduced the systemload about 90%.

Currently we are working on the optimization of the reporting software that finally there is anything in object-oriented and the individual functions are separated into classes.
The following Classes/Modules have been completed:
- Whois read (from mail, if available)
- Get Whois + Caching
- Whois parse (Abuse-C, Abuse-Mailbox...)
- Abuse-finder query + Caching
- Get ASN-Data about IP + Country
- Abusix.org queries
- Data Checker (IPv4, IPv6, Logfiles...)
- Date-Reader (Timezones, the last attack...)

So, the main script hase reduced to under 3400 lines and the code could be optimized again.

Otherwise we are still looking for someone who could possibly create a logo for blocklist.de.
We are developing the new design with improved menus and popus and better adjust of the width for the browser.

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