[Newletter] current state, API for reporting over http

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[Newletter] current state, API for reporting over http

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[Newsletter BlockList.de] current state, API for reporting over http

Hello (USER),

this Text is translated from german with Google-Translate!

1. Current (User)-Numbers
2. API for reports via http
3. Translation of the BlockList.de Page
4. MX-Loadbalancer, Reducing Server
5. New Webseite, Designers/Help wanted

-- 1. Current User-Numbers
Currently about 769 users are already with 907 servers in blocklist.de here.
Meanwhile, a couple of servers from Asia :-)
The statistics on traffic, attacks, etc. are published from time to time on the blog.

-- 2. API for reports via http
We have recently added an API to reports of attacks using http instead of by mail online:

You can send the data via POST or GET.
A brief description and example is the blog online at the following URL:
http://blog.blocklist.de/2013/01/02/ang ... hostmails/

If anyone wants to test it again or to have questions/requests, please contact us.

-- 3. Translation of the BlockList.de Page
We still need people who help us with the translation of the website so that we can finally put completely in French or Russian online.
Many templates are already online and can be in the local language, which can be best translated:
https://www.blocklist.de/translate/public/ (login with blocklist account).

-- 4. MX-Loadbalancer, Reducing Server
Currently we have 4 servers online to handle the e-mails. This allowed us to reduce to just 3 small v-server (JiffyBoxen) through a load balancer.
This we optimize in the next few days, so that we only have two MX servers (load balancer) have publicly online.
Behind it, we can then scale the server as desired.

-- 5. New Webseite, Designers/Help wanted
The website of blocklist.de based on the template framework of Yaml.de and is very old and has been created in a weekend.
The new browsers now occur more and more differences and we needed a CSS menu, which has drop-down fields.
Since I have long nothing with CSS & Co have done, my design is rather poor and costs more time to work :-(
If a user of Blocklist in CSS/HTML is fit and can create a new page (CSS, JS, HTML, ...) with a drop-down menu (in CSS), or would like to help us please contact me.
I can, however, as a thank you just as a link in the footer/header to offer.

Write any questions, suggestions or requests, or just post in the Forum.
Mfg Martin
http://www.blocklist.de/de/ Fail2Ban Reporting Service