fail2ban honeypots submissions to

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fail2ban honeypots submissions to

Beitrag von gnutella » 10. Mär 2016, 01:18

Dear all,

Years ago, I set-up a honeypot which is still (very) active.

It is a simple webpage with an explicit email address in French which translates to "honeypotdonotuse@mydomain".
Using fail2ban, I am able to catch those messages very easily using email "honeypotdonotuse@mydomain".
Spammer rarely speak French and are unable to resist this "honey".

Would you accept submission of the resulting spam?
Are you planning to start your own "honeypot" service with well-defined rules?

Kind regards,

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Re: fail2ban honeypots submissions to

Beitrag von Martin » 10. Mär 2016, 21:27

Hello Gnutella,

currently not. We report only Attacks, which are not normal mail spam.
At the moment, we dont plan it, to build a spam-reporting like
Mfg Martin Fail2Ban Reporting Service