[Newsletter 05.01.2012] current status, languagepacket, ToDo

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[Newsletter 05.01.2012] current status, languagepacket, ToDo

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[Newsletter blocklist.de] current status, languagepacket, ToDo-List

Hello USER,

- Current status (Hardware)
- Current numbers, Traffic
- Disabled reporting
- NTP- please sync your time on server
- ToDo-List
- blocklist.de in other languages

- Current status (Hardware) -
Currently, our rbl-dns, web- and mysql-server have a good performance.
The coast per month from blocklist is now 112 Euros each month.

- Current numbers, Traffic -
The Traffic from the last month is increased:
http://blog.blocklist.de/2012/01/04/akt ... cklist-de/

- Disabled reporting -
We have disabled the reporting for the category "w00tw00t/Apache-Sans-Attack", because the Bot MJ12-Bot makes a lot of false positives and from the error-log, we could not found the user-agent.

- NTP- please sync your server time -
Please update and sync the time on your Server. You can do that with the following command:

/etc/init.d/ntp stop; ntpdate 1.debian.pool.ntp.org; hwclock --systohc; /etc/init.d/ntp start

- ToDo-List -
We update and clear the Report-Scripts and rebuild the API to received Attacks over GET/POST-Request without Fail2Ban-Mails.
The next api-version will be in english too.

- blocklist.de in other languages -
To use blocklist for other language speaking people, we have public a lot of the language files (variables, templates) of blocklist for translating. You can help us with your blocklist account under:

Thank you!

P.S. the blocklist.de Team wish you a good new year 2012 with less attacks too

For further questions, wishes or suggestions, please reply or post at the forum under:

Your account, and all registered data (server, links, etc.) you can at any time
delete your profile on remove and drain.

The registration of data was on dd.mm.2011 hh:ii:ss.
Support team http://www.blocklist.de
Mfg Martin
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