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[Newsletter 19.09.2011] Current status, performance proble

Verfasst: 19. Sep 2011, 02:04
von Martin
[Newsletter] Current status, performance problems, Nginx-caching, todo....

Hello (USER),

the mailserver of has a IPv6-address now for over a few month, now the website has a IPv6-address too.
If your mailserver works with IPv6, please add the IPv6-address under "Server" to add the IP automatically to the whitelist.

Now and then, we have some peaks, caused by the old Database-Structure.
We installed a new Caching Mechanisms and now we generate the graphics for each server with Munin (still not working perfect).

We are currently working on the load balancing with mysql-proxy or master-master configuration.

Current we handle about 100.000 incoming mails each day, from which 50.000 are attacks, they generate ~15.000 reports.

A year ago, the maximum number of attacks was 2.000 attacks daily.

On the ToDo-List there are some new tasks, but they have no priority.
Apart from that if you know admins who receive attacks, recommend to them :-)

For further questions, wishes or suggestions, please reply or post at the forum.

regards Martin

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