[Newsletter 06.07.2011] Return-Value of the RBL-DNS changed,

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[Newsletter 06.07.2011] Return-Value of the RBL-DNS changed,

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[Newsletter 06.07.2011] Return-Value of the RBL-DNS changed, current status, further plans

Hi (USER),

at this time, there are not too many changes on blocklist.
Currently I am working on better caching by optimizing the queries to make them global, recently the query was much bigger and made a lot of load.

The new website design is still not ready:-)

We have changed the Return-IP-Addresses of the RBL-DNS of all.bl.blocklist.de and bl.blocklist.de. Now you can distinguish by the Return-IP which service you are using.

If you are using the list for checking spam (with Postfix, Amavis or Policyd-weight), please change the list entry to:

this returns for all listed IPs only

On the other side we are still working on the graphs in the "own-Server"-List to make them better and display a more stable line, but that's not so easy.

For further questions, wishes or suggestions, please reply or post at the forum :-)

regards Martin
Mfg Martin
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