Newsletter from 12.05.2011[Newsletter,] ToDo-Li

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Newsletter from 12.05.2011[Newsletter,] ToDo-Li

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[Newsletter,] ToDo-List, Website update, IPv6

Hello (USER),

on our ToDo-List, there is a lot of difficult stuff still open (6 of 15).
Currently we are working on this:

- User-Statistics (for each user and User/Server) built with rrd
- Rebuilding the Website, making it wider to make more room for graphics
- Grouping graphics to make them clearer
- cleaning the ToDo-List

The network of has been listed in the Export-Lists all.txt and RBLDNS.
They only send SPAM and could not prove that they really have customers.

The update of the script (direct transfer of mails from Fail2Ban to Postfix)
has reduced the load on the system significantly. Starting at load 5 - 10
the values have dropped (even with Backup running) under 2 (without a Backup< 1).

The most parts of ip-address of is already ipv6 compatible.

For further questions, wishes or suggestions, please reply:-)
Mfg Martin Fail2Ban Reporting Service