[Newletter] small ipv6 bug, current state

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[Newletter] small ipv6 bug, current state

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11.12.2012 [Newletter blocklist.de] small ipv6 bug, current state

Hello (USER),

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1. IPv6 Bug in the storage
2. IPv6 addresses in the same export lists
3. Abuse-Contacts from the APNIC-Region
4. Current state

-- 1. IPv6 Bug in the storage
In recent days, we get more reports of IPv6 on Service RegBot and BadBot (forum spam), but there were a small bug, because the size was too small in the database table. This is now fixed.

-- 2. IPv6 addresses in the same export lists
IPv6 addresses are to be delivered in the same export list or prefer to own ipv6-list?
Please vote -> viewtopic.php?f=20&t=133

-- 3. Abuse-Contacts from the APNIC-Region
The Abuse Contacte of IP addresses that are managed via apnic.net who, usually only in some Remarks Abuse addresses or run at mail providers such 189.cn etc. reject all of our reports, or the addresses/domains already does not exist been since years.
We therefore carry many current IP ranges manually and rewrite addresses as abuse@fjdcb.fz.fj.cn, chinatelecom_fj@189.cn abuse_gdnoc@189.cn, etc. on security@apnic.net, which the report reaches no one.

The contact addresses of the provider of the website unfortunately also respond even after repeated ask not, so we really just waiting for a response from the APNIC, that we should stop the reports, then we drop them all.

-- 4. Current state
Currently we are continuing to update the scripts to ensure that the modules (eg, date parser, whois parser ...) are easier to update and run faster.
Thereafter, and by the way, we build a new page that is to replace this site with a prettier and better (menu).
If someone technically-design (css, html) would help, please reply, we are grateful for any help (css, html valid and the main design without tables).

We wish the blocklist users and all users of the RBL/Export-List merry Christmas and a happy new year :-)

If you have questions, or requests, please reply in the forum.
Mfg Martin
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