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[Info] near 600 User with 700 Server, Password-

Verfasst: 17. Sep 2012, 18:43
von Martin
[Info] near 600 User with 700 Server, Password-Hashing with sha512 (crypt), inactive users

Hello USER,

this message was translated via from german

*This message was sent to all users*
*inactive Users*
Users who have not logged in for a long time, bounced e-mail addresses or the servers have long been nothing more reportet wil be set to "inactive" and see a message upon login. Approx. a month later it will be deleted by us!

Password Encryption with sha512
We have changed the method of hashing passwords to sha512 with crypt(). The old passwords with sha1() are thus not really "safe", but due to the dynamic Salts and multiple dynamic hashing, they should also be very secure.

Users who were not logged long time, so please update your profile once a password, this is encrypted with sha512.

New Honeypots
We have ​​two new V-Server with SSH, IMAP, FTP and online forums honeypots, which we hope will more attacks from the American space.

We also have a RBL mirror placed in the United States:
which is in Kansas. If anyone has servers in the U.S. and uses the, may be happy to check, if the latency is much lower with than the normal rbl.

Statistics, number of users
There are still 4 users, then has 600 active users. Only 4 servers and 700 servers are registered :-)
That number will likely decrease in the next month, after the deletion of inactive users again, so it needs more User to achieve the brand.

For further questions, wishes or suggestions, please reply or go to the Forum :-)

Your account, and all registered data (server, links, etc.) you can at any time
delete your profile on remove and drain.

The registration of data was on 00.00.2000 00:00:0 +0200.
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