[Newsletter 06.08.2012] Summer break, current state

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[Newsletter 06.08.2012] Summer break, current state

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[Newsletter 06.08.2012] Summer break, current state

Hello USER,

!!!! Text is translated via google 1:1 from german to english, sorry but the time is too late ;-) !!!!

In recent weeks, we were in the summer. Unfortunately, the ticket system on self-generated emails from the contact, the auto-responder message is not sent, so that the user had opened some two inquiries.

On 26/07/2012 there was a peak traffic of over 50GB. These were caused either by mail or incoming attack.
Since the monitoring has not struck, the services have the well-very well made :-)

The optimization and updating of reporting scripts is still ongoing, but it was very much reduced and code into separate classes will be moved and optimized.
This will also continue to take more time, then wait for the software but very good and easy to extend, because the tasks are separated into modules.

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