[Newsletter 29.04.2012] current status, ipv6, graph-stats.

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[Newsletter 29.04.2012] current status, ipv6, graph-stats.

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[Newsletter 29.04.2012] current status, ipv6, graph-stats.

Hello (USER),

there is no much new.

We continue to turn, to improve the All-User-Stats-graphics, to make this can be zoomed, or these into several parts-graphics are packaged and thereby be readable again.

The reporting software has been changed a fair bit, but still not finished.

At the All-Stats (per service), we have add a second Grpahen with max. 10k set, To see the the fluctuations of the other service (ssh, mail...) better.

It was previously already specify IPv6 addresses with servers, etc., but then had to enter the server twice (once IPv4, once IPv6).
We have now combined this, that you can add optional per server with IPv6.

Your account, and all registered data (server, links, etc.) you can at any time
delete your profile on remove and drain.

The registration of data was on 01.01.1011 11:11:11.
Support team www.blocklist.de
Mfg Martin
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